Edinburgh Travel Guide

A travel and information guide to Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh.

Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, hosts cobbled streets, a number of museums and a rich history ready to explore. A popular weekend getaway for many, the below guide highlights the main attractions on a first-time or subsequent visit.

Getting There

By train – most train services to Edinburgh end at Edinburgh Waverley rail station, which is close to Edinburgh Castle. By car – parking can be difficult and expensive, so a park-and-ride option may prove more practical.

Things to do

There is no shortage of activities to do when visiting Edinburgh. This guide aims to list some of the highlights, but there are plenty more to seek out for yourself, when visiting the region.

Edinburgh Castle

Ideal to spend a good portion of your day in, Edinburgh Castle has guided tours available, along with spectacular views across the city and beyond. It hosts the Scottish Crown Jewels, and holds a deep sense of history.

Scottish National Gallery

A few minutes’ walk from Edinburgh Castle, the Scottish National Gallery houses examples of Edinburgh’s past and present, with paintings, sculptures and photographs.

Princes Street Gardens

Always full of flowers and plants, these gardens are situated directly under the Castle and are free to access.

Royal Yacht Britannia

Offering a unique chance to visit a yacht used by the royal family. Learn about the history associated with it here.

Arthur’s Seat

Hike to the top of Arthur’s Seat to gain a spectacular view of all of Edinburgh. There are a variety of different trails in terms of difficulty, from gentle strolls to climbs. Around a 10-15-minute hike will grant you the views, but you can spend much longer exploring the area if you desire.

National Museum of Scotland

Featuring artefacts from across Scottish history, along with exhibits on history from across the world, the National Museum of Scotland is a great place to spend an afternoon.

Royal Mile

The most famous street in Edinburgh, this road has many pubs, restaurants and shops lining it. It leads from the royal castle to the royal palace. You will also find a number of historical monuments along the way.

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Where to Stay

When visiting a city, booking a short hotel stay can allow you to have a good base to go on and explore the city centre and its attractions. There are a number of hotel options available in and around Edinburgh. Comparison websites such as Booking.com and Hotels.com will show you the prices for the available hotels.